Welcome to Pho 175

At Pho 175, we serve the best Pho in Woodinville

We use only the freshest, quality ingredients in our Pho, including flank, brisket, skinless chicken breasts, along with traditional herbs and aromatic vegetables to create our savory broths. Our lengthy simmering process is the secret behind our broth's savory flavor, a flavor that has helped us earn the reputation of serving the best Pho in Woodinville. Combined with your favorite thinly slice meats, chick or tofu, along with fresh rice noodles, fresh squeezed lime, fragrant basil leaves, bean sprouts and sliced jalapenos, a large steaming bowl of Pho is impossible to resist.

We also serve a long list of other Vietnamese specialties that the whole family will enjoy. Our dishes reflect the distinct origins, influences and tastes that give our special recipes a traditional feel. Rich and flavorful, spicy and sweet, the cuisine at Pho 175 will satisfy your cravings.

Stop by Pho 175 for lunch or dinner and enjoy some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in Woodinville. Too busy in dine in? Just give us a call because carry out is available.

Heidi Hieu Huynh

My fave pho place! Soooo yummy and clean! This is Heidi the owner...total sweetheart! If you have not you should give this place a try. And tell Heidi we are friends! She will crack up!-Regan Montano

This restaurant never fails to amaze. The food is great the people are friendly and happy. Always leave there happy and satisfied.-Karen Myers

I love Heidi the owner. She tries to remember everyone's name. They have great service. Great food. The kids and I have soup, and appetizers rolls every time she knows our order. My husband changes up every time.-Annee Grimm Judd

Best pho in town!-Lapson Luu